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Enrollment for the 2017 Season begins January 1st.  Watch for enrollment information updates as that date appraoches.

The Farm Direct Coop is a multi-farm cooperative in operation for more than 20 years serving Marblehead, Melrose and Salem. The FDC works with over 60 farms, dairies, and local vendors to bring the freshest possible local and organic food to your communities. Joining the FDC supports local farms and our local economy.

 The regular season runs 20 weeks June through October. You can choose to extend the growing season with a November and December share, along with a Bulk Order of storage fruits and vegetables, grains, and specialty products like jams and maple syrup in the late fall.

If you don't want to join right now, Click Here to add your name to our waitlis to join for future season.

ENROLLMENT - Enrollment for the 2017 opens in January.

 2016 Season Dates

January 15 - Enrollment open for returning members. Please fill out an enrollment form and send a $100 deposit.

February 16 - Invitations to waitlist begin

Opening Day - June 7th for Tuesdays and June 9th for Thursdays

June 15th - Payment Due. Half of account balance

August 1st - Payment Due. Final account balance

October 18/20 - Last week of the regular season

November 1 - First November Share Pickup. One day only - all members pick up on Tuesday.Depots close at 6:30.

November 10 - Bulk Order Pickup. Bulk Hours: Marblehead 6:00 - 8:00pm ♦ Salem 6:30 - 8:30 ♦ Melrose 7:00 - 9:00. One day only - all members pick up on Thursday. 

November 15 - Second November Share Pickup. One day only - all members pick up on Tuesday. Depots close at 6:30.

December  6 - December Share Pickup. Marblehead + Salem (At St. Andrew's Church on the MHD/SAL town lines) 4:00 - 7:00. Melrose (At the Knoll) 5:00 - 7:00.






*Use the Waitlist Form if you would like to join the Farm Direct Coop for a future season. 








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Make A Payment

Click here for information regarding payment options, including the mailing address for sending payment by check. Checks are our preferred payment method, as they do not incur additional processing fees. 

To make an online payment with Dwolla or Paypal, please log in to your Small Farm Central account.